Thank you for my beautiful teeth! My smile is my signature and I am well please with the crown work done by Dr. McQuigg.

The old crowns on the top front of my mouth were wearing out and needed to be replaced. When I was looked for a new dentist, a friend recommended Dr. McQuigg and described him as a perfectionist. I knew he was the dentist for me.

Dr. McQuigg is meticulous and he also use the best lab and therefore the quality for the crowns are superior.

The process was lengthy, but it was not painful process. All the temporary crowns looked great. I was not embarrassed at all during the waiting period for the permanent crowns. All my porcelain crowns fit perfectly and look great!!

I have lived in Southwest Missouri most of my life. I was in great need of a new dentist, my previous dentist has retired.

After visiting with several people, I was talking with my cousin and she recommended Dr.McQuigg.

Sue had great results with her procedures with Dr. McQuigg. She said, “The prices and the staff are just great!” So I took her advice and called to make an appointment for a consultation.

Dr. McQuigg sat down with me and went over all the options and details. So I set my goals to get my teeth fixed.

My veneers need to be replaced due to receding gum lines and decay. We started with the top front teeth and four more on each side with a couple of back teeth as well. We also restored my implant!

Dr.McQuigg used the highest quality techniques available for my crowns. They look so real and lifelike.

 I love my smile now!!

I was also having sinus issues  all the time, but since Dr.McQuigg fixed my teeth I haven’t had a sinus infection. Not only do I have a great smile, I feel better!

 Thank you Dr.McQuigg and staff.